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Can’t Lose Weight?

Can't Lose Weight?

There are many reasons why people can't seem to lose weight and after the Christmas / New Year period, it's a great time to check into you food habits, particularly if you are looking for weight loss.

When on holiday's, it's easy to crack open a beer at lunch and excess celebrations can mean you drink far more than you normally would. Breaking this habit is essential for weight loss as there are many extra calories in alcoholic beverages. Aim to drink only on weekends, or if you do drink midweek try to only have one or two maximum per day.

Portion control can go out the window over the holidays with snack platters, dinner extravaganza's and excess snacking while lounging around. Checking in with a program such as FitBit or MyFitness Pal even for just a week can bring back to reality just how little food is required by your body to function each day.

Have kids? Snacking off their plate before having your own main meal can lead to excess calories. This also relates to snacking while preparing food, nibbling away can slowly add the kilos over a period of time.

Do you aim to be "good" all week with your food intake but then have the tendency to blow out on the weekend? Having big weekends of excess alcohol and takeaways or fried fatty foods can undo all the good work you do during the week... leading you to start again on Monday. This is an endless cycle which can be repeated weekly. If planning a big weekend, try alternating an alcoholic beverage with water if having a big "session" and if choosing to eat an unhealthy meal, ensure the other meals of the day are made with good healthy choices.

Skipping meals can lead to many things including fatigue, lethargy, binge eating etc. Intermittent Fasting which is a controlled and structured "fasting" period differs from just missing various meals each day which can lead to eating all the wrong foods. Ensure you eat a balanced diet and if you are unsure of what you should be eating each day visit: www.eatforhealth.gov.au to find out more.

Artificial sweeteners can be detrimental to someone who is losing weight. Often they cause increased hunger meaning you will eat more during the day, as well as cause addiction to other sweet sugary foods which in turn can eventually lead to diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity etc. Break the cycle and if you are looking for more than just water try flavouring your water with lemon or squeeze fresh juices.

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