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FITNESS FOREVER ensures that our clients have access to a fair and equitable process to manage any grievances and provides the participant with the ability to appeal against decisions which may affect training outcomes. Participants with genuine grievances have the right to a fair hearing at which point they may state their concerns. Every effort is made to resolve all grievances brought to the attention of FITNESS FOREVER.

FITNESS FOREVER must deal with the grievance within seven working days of its lodgement. In most cases, grievances can be resolved informally however, all grievances will be documented. If a formal grievance is received, the managing director of FITNESS FOREVER may interview any parties involved.

During this process, the participant has the right to a support person of their choice. A written version of the grievance and resolution will be accurately documented. The individual lodging a grievance must be informed that:
The internal grievance process of FITNESS FOREVER is to be followed; first, the participant has the right to appeal the decision if they have been dealt with unfairly.

Fitness Forever Complaints Management System

Fitness Forever Incident Management System

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