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Such are the eyes; such is the body – Hippocrates

Iridology is the study of the eyes, specifically the iris, and its relationship to the body. This technique has been in existence for centuries and is used by natural health practitioners all over the world to discover how best to manage your unique individual health and wellbeing.

It’s a safe, non-invasive tool which assesses the general health of bodily function and detects underlying signs of burgeoning disease.

While no specific disease can be diagnosed through iridology, the iris can reveal whether various body systems, including the nervous, lymphatic, endocrine and musculoskeletal, are under strain and require further attention. An iridology practitioner will be able to identify weaknesses or disruptions in the body by analysing your iris’s fibres and can recognise toxins and inflammation in the body, biochemical deficiencies and genetic predispositions.

This kind of assessment is a valuable tool when it comes to the prevention of disease. Iridology is ideal for someone looking to get a “health check-up”, understand their hereditary strengths and weaknesses or want an alternative to invasive diagnostic methods.


What can you expect during an iridology consultation?

Your iridology session with a Fitness Forever practitioner will not diagnose, instead, highlight nurture points within the body and show a genetic disposition to illnesses.

Your initial consultation will take just 15 minutes where your iridologist will take detailed photographs.  Your subsequent consultation will last approximately 45 minutes and will provide you with a detailed report using the latest iridology charts and maps. We’ll assess the colour, fibre information and any other signs and markings that make up your individual health profile. We’ll discuss the results in the session and you’ll get to take home the imagery, along with an individual report detailing your health type and lifestyle advice to support overall well-being.

Booking your iridology consultation

Cost of initial & subsequent consultation is $165.00

To book, please call 0414437616 or email info@fitforver.com.au

Alternatively, fill out the form here for Fitness Forever to get in touch with you directly to schedule an appointment.

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