Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Suanne Lowery - Personal Trainer | Nutritionist

Suanne is a Level 3 Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional (10 years), accredited nutritionist, qualified trainer and assessor and is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences at Swinburne University with a goal of incorporating Clinical Health Psychology into her services. She has extensive hands on experience in the health and fitness industry and has also lectured the Certificate III & IV in Fitness. 

Health and fitness has always been a large part of Suanne’s life. She has a strong desire to assist in the promotion of health and well-being by helping her clients understand and experience the benefits of incorporating a balanced diet with exercise to promote positive mental health.  

One of Suanne’s passions is helping people who suffer from chronic disease or disability to live a healthy and active life.  Suffering from lifelong asthma, endometriosis, gut issues, allergies and food sensitivities herself, Suanne understands how the impact of health conditions and lifestyle can affect motivation and mindset.  

View Suanne Lowery’s Fitness Australia Profile.  

Jackson Cockerill - Exercise Physiologist | Personal Trainer

Jackson is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Fitness Australia registered personal trainer. Jackson’s industry experience underpins his passion for health and fitness and allows him to offer professional and personalised health and wellbeing services to his clients. 

One of Jackson’s key-skill areas is working with clients with disabilities or chronic health conditions. Jackson has had experience training young children with disabilities as well as adult clients with health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, musculoskeletal problems, metabolic dysfunction and mental health disorders. 

Jackson focuses on collaborating with his clients to set goals, as well as motivating them through each session to achieve those goals whilst improving functional mobility and the client’s overall quality of life.

Frances Lowrie - Group Fitness

Fran is a passionate fitness professional, who has had the privilege to work with countless clients over the last 8 years. In addition to her work as a strength and conditioning coach, she is an established dance teacher and is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) at QUT.

After working as a trainer in a large gym for 18 months, she first joined the Fitness Forever team in 2013. She loved the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the studio, and spent nearly 2 years working with Fitness Forever clients. In 2015, Fran followed a professional opportunity down to Melbourne. Here, she ended up working as a strength and conditioning coach in one of Australia’s top strength training studios. She returned to Brisbane in 2017, and was very excited to be welcomed back to the Fitness Forever team. She loves that the studio is focused on the mental wellness of its clients, and how it recognises that physical and mental wellness go hand-in-hand. While her coaching style has changed over the years, what has never changed is her desire to use exercise as a tool to help create the best possible quality of life for all her clients. 

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