Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Consultation 1

Health and nutrition are for life – as they say “you are what you eat”, therefore if you are eating all the wrong foods your health may be suffering. Learning what is best for you is vital.

Suanne Lowery’s approach to nutrition is holistic, based on nutritional medicine which allows her to treat you without harm and to aid in prevention of illness in the future.

The initial consultation with your nutritionist will entail a detailed health, diet and lifestyle assessment to ensure the nutritional plan provided is designed specifically for you. Additionally, useful tips and resources are provided to use at home, while shopping and dining out.

Working with your nutritionist will allow accountability and the ability to work through health conditions or health goals. Nutritional consultations are not limited to weight loss clients or healthy eating plans either; we believe everyone should have the right to enjoy optimum health.

Most importantly, you will gain valuable knowledge about healthy eating and discovering what’s nutritionally right for you.

Initial Consultation – $120 (Inc. GST)


  • Initial consultation (60min)
  • Health and lifestyle assessment
  • Full dietary analysis with reporting
  • Customised dietary / lifestyle plan
  • Modifications to dietary plan as required
  • Educational toolkit

Subsequent Consultation – $75 (ex. GST)

  • Follow-up consultation (30min)

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