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About Fitness Forever

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We believe everyone should have the same opportunity to live an active and healthy life, with personalised training and nutrition plans for all. Our team of health industry professionals genuinely care about your health and wellbeing goals and are dedicated to offering you a holistic approach to nutrition, underpinned by excellent service and exceptional training.

Energising your body and fuelling it with the right foods is essential for positive mental health. Part of that is establishing a supportive environment for you in our sessions, so you leave us feeling great and empowered to take on the next stage of your wellness journey.

We welcome everyone to join us on their path to living a healthy and active life. We can’t wait to get started with you.

Suanne Lowery

Fitness Forever - Transforming Lives

Suanne is a Fitness Australia registered exercise professional, accredited nutritionist and qualified trainer and assessor.  

Health and fitness has always been a large part of Suanne’s life. She has a strong desire to assist in the promotion of health and wellbeing by helping her clients understand and experience the benefits of incorporating a balanced diet with exercise to promote positive mental health.  

One of Suanne’s passions is helping people who suffer from chronic disease or disability to live a healthy and active life.  Suffering from lifelong asthma, endometriosis, gut issues, allergies and food sensitivities herself, Suanne understands how the impact of health conditions and lifestyle can affect motivation and mindset.  View Suanne Lowery’s Fitness Australia Profile.

  • Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
  • Thump Boxing Systems Instuctor Course
  • Thump Boxing Systems Advanced Instructor Course
  • Modern Pregnancy Pre-Natal Exercise
  • First Aid & CPR

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What our clients say


Suanne has given me so much inspiration and motivation over the past year. My strength and fitness have increased so much with her fun and challenging workouts. If you are looking for a personal trainer who truly cares, who will challenge you and who will never do the same workout twice, stop looking, you’ve found her! 


“So, to sum up, it’s been 12 months and I am moving so much better in my everyday life. I feel more comfortable to try new types of movement and I’ve created a weekly habit of exercise. My professional support team – Dr, psychologist etc – are very pleased that I have been able to maintain this habit for the year.”


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Fitness Forever - Transforming Lives

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