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General Programs

Physical activity offers immediate and long-term health benefits, improving the overall quality of your life. Anyone can do it – you don’t have to be in competitive sports or part of a strict regime. It also doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

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Corporate Programs

A healthy workforce has a direct effect on the overall performance of an organisation. Invest in your workplace’s performance by improving their individual mental and physical health. Our Corporate Wellness packages are designed to support healthy behaviour in the workplace and to improve health outcomes at affordable prices.

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Special Needs

At Fitness Forever, one of our most important underlying philosophies is that everyone has the right to experience exercise and lead a healthy life. Many exercise programs and classes do not cater to people who have special needs nor do they have the expertise to develop programs specifically designed for these people who have physical or mental restrictions.

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Nutritional Programs

Suanne Lowery, our Accredited Nutritionist, provides nutritional advice and creates individual nutritional plans based on a complete health, diet and lifestyle analysis. Using a holistic approach, she ensures that you will have increased energy, improved sleep and most importantly optimum health and wellness.

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