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Exercises You Must Include in Your Routine

Exercises You Must Include in Your Routine

With so many different types of exercise types, methods and gym style workouts out there today, it is not surprising many feel overwhelmed on where to start when it comes fitness. You may have heard of include HIIT, Bootcamp, Tabata, Intervals and many more! We hope to shed some light on what is actually important when it comes to looking after your body and ensuring that you are looking after yourself to prevent injury and live an active, healthy life.

Many people focus on one particular thing when it comes exercise, perhaps it's strength, cardio or weight loss. However did you know that there are 4 things you should ensure you fit into your weekly exercise routine? The first is aerobic exercise, everyone needs a strong heart, but there are so many more benefits to getting the blood pumping through your body. Aerobic activity boosts mood, lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure while raising good "HDL" Cholesterol levels and lowering bad "LDL" Cholesterol levels. Most importantly it helps you to increase your endurance and over the longer term it can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and depression. You may be asking "How much do I need to do?", 150 minutes of moderate activity (e.g. brisk walking) per week is a great start.

The second type of exercise that shouldn't be forgotten is strength training. As we age, our bones weaken and therefore it is essential we keep stimulating bone growth. Other fantastic benefits of strength training include lowering blood sugar, correcting posture, reducing pain or stress in the back and joints, helping to prevent falls and also helps with everyday activities such as carrying groceries or lifting young children. An important thing to note is that you don't need a gym with endless amounts of equipment to do strength training as your body is a great piece of equipment, exercises such as squats, push ups and sit-ups are a fantastic start. Fitting in 2-4 strength sessions a week will get you well underway to a strong body.

One exercise that is often overlooked is stretching which brings us to our third important inclusion. At Fitness Forever we have run stretching classes for over 6 years and see how important it is in all ages to have a regular stretching routine. Over time, without stretching, our muscles shorten and and become tight which is why it may seem your feet are getting further away when you try to touch your toes. This can also lead to cramps, pain and strains. There are two types of stretching to include in your exercise routine, dynamic stretching prior to your workout to ensure muscles are loose and flexible as blood and oxygen are transported to your muscles with movement i.e. swinging your arms in circles, and static stretching at the end of your session which involves holding a stretch i.e. hamstring stretch for up to 60sec. Aside from stretching with a workout, an additional stretch session focusing solely on static stretching should be done 3-4 times per week.

Last of all don't forget about balance! Again, as we age many things break down such as vision, inner ear and muscles which all effect our balance. Clients even in the 40's have spoken about issues with balance so it's never too early to incorporate it into your exercise routine. Balance on one foot or heal to toe walking can be a quick and easy way to start. Work balance exercises into each session - it doesn't take much to do a set of leg balancing.

All in all it doesn't matter in what format you exercise in whether it's HIIT or Bootcamp, for a body that performs it's best and will age well including all of the above into your workouts will make you feel tremendous benefits.

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